Chinese New Year Celebration: How it’s Done in Shenzhen

Chinese New Year celebration is always festive and colorful. If you want to join your Shenzhen woman during the new year, then learn their practices here.

How Chinese New Year Celebration is Done in Shenzhen

For most of the world, January 1 marks the beginning of a new year. But for Chinese people which comprise more than a quarter of the world’s population, the new year is still yet to come. This year’s Chinese New Year celebration will be on the 5th day of February. This could be the perfect time to meet beautiful Chinese girls while enjoying grand festivities honoring a Centuries old Chinese tradition.

Being such a massive country, you might be wondering what is the best way and where is the best place to celebrate such an occasion. Well, we just have the answer for you: Shenzhen. Shenzhen is one of the major cities in China that is considered an economic powerhouse. The city is dotted with a lot of shops, parks, and other establishments where you can relax and enjoy. However, its economic might isn’t the only thing Shenzhen is proud of. The stunning Chinese girls who call this city home are also gems of Shenzhen.

Moreover, Shenzhen women have their own way of celebrating the New Year. They have their own set of beliefs and practices to have a bountiful year ahead. If you are planning to spend the Chinese New Year celebration with a Shenzhen girl in her city, then you should learn how to celebrate her way.

Learn here some of the practices of these Shenzhen women during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the most common practices that Chinese girls of Shenzhen usually observe during the Chinese New Year celebration:

1. Watch colorful parades

Chinese New Year in Shenzhen is normally welcomed with parades and other spectacles. The parades are festive and very colorful but are usually dominated by the color red, since it symbolizes good luck. You would also see the extravagant lion and dragon dance. This is a traditional Chinese dance which mimics the lion and dragon’s movements to bring good luck and fortune throughout the year.

It is quite interesting and exciting to spend the Chinese New Year celebration together with your Chinese girl. It’s also an opportunity to spend a date with her while watching the colorful parade. You get to enjoy the festive moment in the arms of someone who really matters to you.

2. Watch a fireworks show

Chinese New Year celebrations will never be complete without a beautiful fireworks show. By the time the clock hits twelve at midnight, the sky over Shenzhen will light up with beautiful colors from the fireworks show to officially usher in the new year. Chinese people believe that the light and noise from the fireworks will drive bad luck away.

We can’t think of a more romantic way to welcome the new year with Chinese girls than watching the fireworks beautifully light up the night sky. So, if you want to add a more romantic vibe to your date during the Chinese New Year celebration, a fireworks show will definitely do the job.

3. Head to the temple with your Shenzhen woman.

Shenzhen may be a highly industrialized city, but it is still dotted with a lot of Chinese temples. Aside from driving away bad luck to start the new year, they also go to temples to light joss sticks. Joss sticks are a kind of incense traditionally used for celebrations in some Asian countries.

It is a tradition for Chinese people to light joss sticks to symbolize their prayer for happiness, prosperity, and longevity. To show your respect for the traditions and culture of your Chinese girl, this is an activity that you can certainly do together.

4. Hang red decorations with your Shenzhen woman.

If you’ve traveled to China during one of their festivals, you’ve probably observed a lot of red decorations hanging around. These decorations aren’t just there for show, they are symbolic to Chinese beliefs and values.

Hanging red decorations is also their way of attracting good fortune. You can take advantage of this opportunity to spend more time with your Chinese girl and get to know her family while helping them decorate their home for the Chinese New Year celebration.

In the dating culture of Shenzhen, winning the family of the Chinese girl you’re courting is just as important as winning her. And what better way to earn their approval than by spending time with them and paying homage to their traditions.

5. Get your red envelopes ready.

In Western culture, gifts are normally given only during Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions but not on new year’s. But in China, the Chinese New Year celebration wouldn’t be complete without giving gifts.

Traditionally called “hongbao”, the red envelopes that you normally see on Chinese gatherings usually contain money and are given as gifts. This is their way of sending good wishes and luck to another person, especially to kids.

This could be a perfect opportunity for you to show your generosity and how good you are with kids. This gesture will certainly be to the delight of Chinese girls.

These are some of the most common Chinese New Year practices that most Chinese girls in Shenzhen do. It is important for you to know and understand these because it will reflect how interested you really are in getting to know them better. It’ll show that you care and respect their traditions and culture.

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